ELBE 207C 12 / 24V Control Board Manual

Elbe 207C 12v

Elbe 207C 24v

Twin gate control board.

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5 comments on “ELBE 207C 12 / 24V Control Board Manual
  1. Christian rees says:

    Hi there.
    I have a 207c control panel installed at my house controlling 2 swing gates. They have stopped working. I have opened up the panel and look as tho there is no flashing lights once power is applied. I have tested and there is power coming out of the coil 22V is there an issue with the panel or something with the wiring( damaged cabling)?
    Look forwards to hearing from you

  2. david Harvey says:

    Motor on gate 2 takes a long while to stop and puts a massive force on the mounting brackets, enough to bend them before it stops. In the last year it has broken the threaded section in the arm twice. It also moves the stop on the threaded rod, regardless of how tight I make it Have stops on open and close

  3. wilson mwirigi kamau says:

    having a problem in connection

  4. we are having a problem instaling your product , we are requesting for a clear manual or guide.

  5. Eric Horton says:

    Hi there
    Gates have stopped operating. Attempt to operate only push gates further closed.
    Attempt to reset automatically not possible as gates need to be open.
    Attempt to program manually – after pressing P3 once & DL6 starts to flash – pressing P2 & releasing only starts motors pushing closed harder.

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