ELBE 909A / 909B Control Panel Manual

Elbe 909A 230V control panel for twin gates.

909A PCB. 909A .pdf

Elbe 909A Control Panel / Replacement PCB / Spare Part / Printed Circuit Board



This Manual is Copyright © 2014 by E-Gates. You may download and use freely for personal use but must not be redistributed or used commercially.

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2 comments on “ELBE 909A / 909B Control Panel Manual
  1. I am replacing a Rigel 4 panel, and I was wondering if the Elbe 909A fits in the same enclosure. I also require a safety edge for the gate ( it was installed 12 years ago). It is a double gate, each leaf is 2.5m wide by 1.72m tall using underground using BFT Sub actuators. I assume it would be wise to replace the motor capacitors at the same time.

  2. JohnniE says:

    i have a set of underground swing gates. One of the gates will open but does not stop. Then it closes very slowly but only for 5 or so seconds. Can you help please. I have 6 German Shepherds and need them to close

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