Electric Sliding Gate Layout and Cable Plan

Electric Sliding Gate Layout and Cable Plan

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5 comments on “Electric Sliding Gate Layout and Cable Plan
  1. jonathan says:

    Please I need to know how to installation

  2. John says:

    I want to become one of the vendor of the your products please how can I get more formations about products and services thanks.

  3. Vlado Blagojevic says:


    can You tell me how much would everything cost me to instal this slide electric gate? With solar panel, battery and everything else?

    And how it goes with instalation in abroad? I am from Bosnia and Herzegowina.

    Best Regards,

    Vlado Blagojevic

  4. Davie Wilson says:

    I had swinging gates but I have now converted my drive to a drive that we can use, looking at converting my old swinging gates into an automated sliding gate system.
    looking for a quote on how much to make it sliding and what I require to convert to a sliding gate

  5. S Y LEE says:

    For the design and installation of such kind of electrically operated gate, is there any statutory code or BS /BS EN standard of which the contractor / user should follow?

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