ACI Farfisa Digital Systems Intercoms Manual

Instruction Manual for ACI Farfisa Digital Intercom and Doorphone Systems
Includes FN 4000 series (Farnet) (Si 50CD/1, Si 51CD/3, Si 52CD/3, Si 56CD/10, Si 57CD/1, Si 51VD/5, Si 51VD/23, Si 51VD/24, Si 52VD/1, Si 52VD/14, Si 52VD/2, Si 53VD/1, Si 53VD/2, Si 56VD/21, Si 56VD/31, Si 56VD/23, Si 56VD/24, Si 57VD/1, Si 51VD/14, Si 51VD/26, Si 56VD/25, Si 57VD/8), DF 6000 series

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